Predatory capitalism has hollowed out the middle class, economic inequality converts into greater political inequality, giving rise to more economic inequality as elites flex political power to rig rules further in their favor. I.C.E.’s mission is clear and simple – to build a world that thrives on meritocracy; innovation, equality, sustainability, and the free pursuit of happiness.
Co-create a future where: – Humanity comes first.
– Purpose, not profit is the ultimate goal.
– Everyone should have an equal voice.
– Everyone is a stakeholder and community is everything.

I.C.E. aim to revolutionize the role business can play in society, to become the go-to platform and conduit of disruptors, pioneers, innovators, and activists to challenge conventional thinking, entrenched interests to reclaim our future of shared prosperity. I.C.E. fosters a culture of brave innovation, entrepreneurship through strong core values and an ethical consciousness. Apply unique intellect and approach for enduring root-cause fixes rather than symptomatic relief, delivering on real consumer solutions, setting new benchmarks in the marketplace. Assemble Crowd-Driven intelligence into mobilized collective action, fuel transformational solutions for meaningful change, informed by passion, diversity, and ingenuity.